Thursday, February 6, 2014

NCAA Eligibility Rules

I have had a ton of questions on NCAA Eligibility and the rules surrounding this.  Below is a great link with a ton of good information:

NCAA Eligibility Rule Summary

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Free eBook on Contacting Coaches

Free eBook: Contacting College Coaches: Who, When, Why, What and How

This eBook goes over all aspects of contacting coaches for student athletes looking for athletic scholarships.  It includes extensive information on the following topics:
  • How to Build Your List
  • Building Your Contact Toolkit
  • Contact Rules
  • NCAA Rules Regarding Coaches and Contact
  • Initial Contact Plan
  • Prospect / Recruit Questionnaires
  • Email Management
  • Initial eMail
  • Updating Coaches
  • When to Send Updates
  • Phone Calls

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finding Schools with Rowing Scholarships

How do you find schools with Rowing Programs and Scholarships?

Where do you find rowing scholarships?

So, how do you find schools with rowing programs?  Below are links to DI, DII and DIII rowing programs.

Rowing Scholarship Information

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

Do you now your Signing Day?

National Letter of Intent (NLI) Signing Day

NLI Letter of Intent
Signing your Scholarship?

So what is all the talk about signing day?  The National Letter of Intent, or NLI Program, is a voluntary program that has been put in place to coordinate a signed agreement between student athlete and a college or university.  The NLI states that the student will commit to an institution for at least an academic year, and that in turn, the college or university agrees to provide athletic aid in turn for the same period.  Once the letter is singed, the prospective student athlete is "off the streets" and can no longer be contacted by competing schools for recruiting purposes.  Different sports have different signing dates, and you can view them here:

Need more information?
NCAA NLI Signing Dates 
NCAA NLI Information Center
National Letter of Intent Guide

Monday, May 6, 2013

Track and Field: How far, fast, or high

What type of time, distance or height do I need for a Track and Field Scholarship?

Times and Marks for Track and FIeld Scholarships
How far?

So, what do I need to do for a Track and Field Scholarship?  This is a compiled chart from internet sources that shows a range of times, distances and heights for DI, DII, DIII and NAIA scholarship Track and Field times and marks.  The original article was posted here:  Track and Field Scholarships: How far, fast or high?

Event Men Women
55m 6.4-7.2 7.1-8.0
60m 6.8-7.5 7.6-8.6
60m hurdles 7.8-8.7 8.6-10.0
110/100m high hurdles 13.95-17.5 14.5-17.5
200m hurdles 37.0-45.0 43.0-49.0
400m hurdles 51.0-60 60.0-1:20.0
100m 10.5-11.5 11.8-13.5
200m 21.25-24.0 24-26.5
400m 47.0-54.0 54.5-1:06
800m 1:53-2:06 2:10-2:35
1,500m 3:55-4:30 4:40-5:25
1,600m 4:15-5:00 5:00-6:00
3,000m Steeplechase 9:34-11:10 10:40-12:55
3,200m 9:10-10:45 11:00-12:30
High Jump 7’0″-6’0″ 5’10″-5’0″
Pole Vault 16’6″-12’6″ 13’6″-8’0″
Long Jump 24’6″-19’0″ 19’6″-15’0″
Triple Jump 51’0″-38’0″ 40’0″-32’0″
Shot Put 60’10″-40’0″ 45’0″-32’0″
Discus 185’0″-130’0″ 150’0″-100’0″
Javelin 210’0″-130’0″ 140’0″-100’0″
Hammer 210’0″-130’0″ 170’0″-100’0″
Decathlon / Heptathalon 7000-4000 points 5000-3000 points

Looking to build a Track and Field Recruiting Profile?  Track and Field Scholarships