Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Official Visit: NCAA Rules

NCAA Rules for the Official Visit

Are you ready for your Official Visit?

One of the most exciting parts of the college recruiting process is the NCAA Official Visit.  First off, if you are being offered a visit, you have obviously grabbed someone's attention, and they want to bring you to campus on their dime, and show you the merits of their athletic program.  Here are some of the basic rules outlined by the NCAA on Official Visits:

How may Official Visits can I take?

  • A total of 5 D1 / D2 visits combined
  • Only ONE visit per school
  • Unlimited to D3

How long is an Official Visit?
  • The Official Visit shall not exceed 48 hours in length, and is measured from the time the prospect arrives or is entertained by the institution (whichever comes first), to the time the prospect departs.
  • If the prospect remains in the vicinity of the institution beyond 48 hours, the institution may not pay for his/her trip home.
What are the rules around transportation and the Official Visit?
  • Round trip transportation costs can be covered via direct route from the prospect's home to the institution.
  • If air transportation is used, it may not be beyond coach class.
  • The prospect may not be transported by limousine or helicopter (I love this one ;)  )
  • The institution may not provide an automobile for use by the prospect or the host student.
  • Friends or relatives may not receive cost-free transport, unless they accompany the prospect during auto transport.
What type of lodging can be provided during an Official Visit?
  • The prospect shall live and dine the way a regular student does at the institution.
What type of Entertainment can be provided on an Official Visit?
  • Entertainment can be provided for the prospect and the prospect's parents or spouse.
  • All entertainment must be within a 30 mile radius of the institution.
  • Institution athletic event attendence can be provided for the prospect, parents and spouse.  It must be general admission seating.  Seating on the bench, in special boxes, etc. is prohibitted.
  • The institution may pay for any reasonable expense incurred.
  • Cash may not be provided to the prospect (but in my experience it is given to the host to cover meals)
  • The host will receive $30 for each day to entertain (not including admission), and may not buy souvenirs.


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