Sunday, December 23, 2012

Introduction: Who I am and Why I Built This Site

Why build an athletic scholarship and college recruiting site?

The year was 2008.  My oldest son's Freshman year in High School was coming to an end, and he was somehow recruited to do Track and Field.  Coach David was an interesting man, he would watch the incoming Freshman walk onto campus, and set out to recruit the kids with the right frame.  Stephen was 6'5",   and quite thin.  Coach approached him, and said "I want you to throw shot put and discus for me".  Stephen resisted, a lover of football and basketball, he just didn't see the point.  But Coach was persistent, never let up, and there he was, in his second meet.  Without really any strength training or technique, and still quite wary of the whole Track thing in general, he popped a 50' throw with his 10lb. shot.  Coach David, a very serious man, pulled me aside after the meet, and informed me of Stephen's potential.  In so many words, he said, "I have never had a Freshman with so much raw potential and power."  And thus began a long an glorious high school throwing career that landed him several scholarship offers to a host of D1 schools, and eventually, a Scholarship at Duke University (His first choice), where he throws today.

When working with Stephen through the whole process, I found no central site for this information.  I had to pull from various resources, avoid people who wanted to take my money as a "consultant", and really educate myself.  This Blog is a road map to help any parent/student who wants to reach for the stars, and continue their athletic career in college and beyond.  It is a central reference for all things athletic scholarship and college recruiting related.  It is also my effort to help avoid something I saw over and over:  Highly talented, smart young adults who settled for schools well beneath them because they just didn't know how the process worked.  I am a Sales and Marketing Guy by trade, and I will share some methods to get the attention of those who YOU want, not that want YOU.  Enjoy, and please send me any questions, additions, omissions or lessons learned that you would like to share with others.

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