Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Reality of Athletic Scholarships

The Reality of Athletic Scholarships and Recruiting

So you want to go for an Athletic Scholarship, eh?  What are the true odds of receiving athletic aid, or some for of a college scholarship for sports?

We are in a society that lacks reality.  As my children have gone from grade school to high school, I continue to witness absolute insanity, usually at the hands of parents.  From countless dollars spent on camps, excessive training and club sports, to the relentless father filming his 6 year old at an indoor soccer competition.  I overheard the same father talking about the "film review" process they do after every game.  You have got to be kidding me.  

For a few gifted athletes, there are coveted scholarship spots out there.  The reality is, about 2% of High School athletes will obtain a sports scholarship.  The New York Times did a fantastic study called "Slicing the Pie" in which they analyzed the total number of athletes participating in High School sports, the number of scholarships rewarded, the total amount given and the % of a full scholarship.  A graphic can be viewed here with all the information:  Athletic Scholarship Breakdown by Sport.

The biggest myth our there is the "full ride".  Almost no full rides are given out there in the college world today, in fact the majority of athletic scholarship aid provided is in the 30-40% range.  Many Seniors will find that when they examine their expected family contribution at most schools, along with other types of aid, they will far exceed what they can achieve from an athletic perspective. Here is a calculator to figure out the type of aid you can receive:  EFC Aid Calculator  

Understand that sports can be a path to aid, but can also help your son or daughter get into an institution that otherwise may be a far reach for them if they applied through standard channel.  You need to look at it from both angles, and be fully informed.

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